Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Happy Summer!

We love our summer ad in Milieu Magazine!  Pick up your copy today and we can't wait to see you in October at High Point Market!  
Special thanks to our fabulous exhibitors that participated in the ad.  Punch Jones, Don Fields & Craig Ringstad Antiques, D R Grissom Estate & Fine Jewelry, Sandy Luther Antiques & Architecturals, McDonough Fine Art and DelRay & Associates.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Antique & Design Center -Spring 15 High Point Market

The Antique & Design Center of High Point was filled with beauty once again this Spring at High Point Market.  New York designer, Alan Tanksley was overheard saying that what he saw this market was "The Return of Pretty" as he was being interviewed at the ADC, and we agree.  We saw lots of strong patterns and bold colors as well as soft pastels and warm golds and brasses but the overall theme was beauty, be it bold or soft.  Green was a big color, as it should be for Spring and lots of black and white as well.  More photos to come!
Craig Ringstad & Don Fields Antiques
Tuesdays On The Boulevard
McDonough Fine Art
Marshall Clements Antiques
Alhambra Antiques
Nancy Price Home
Art & Antique Hunter Mitra Kilburn
Vintage Persian Rugs by Jubin Tavakol
Carol Pollard
Talented Interior Designer Stephanie Jarvis drew a huge crowd as she spoke about Creating Interiors with Soul by Using Antiques & Vintage.  The Lecture Series was once again a huge hit!
Rue Auber, Brenner Valdez, MacBain Fine Art and Alhambra Antiques
M. Fowler Antiques
Alhambra Antiques
Punch Jones
Carol Pollard
Parham & Co.
DR Grissom Collection
Punch Jones
Sandy Luther Antiques & Architecturals

Friday, April 3, 2015

Gallery At Summerhill - Sneak Peek for Spring

Gallery at Summerhill has some wonderful new (antique) items for your own bee-loud glade - be it your garden, garden room or indoor space.  
Don't miss them at High Point Market at The Antique & Design Center! 
Market Square - Ground 12 ADC
These include: a pair of carved stone architectural elements of embracing male and female putti from a Palm Beach mansion ca 1920.  

A hand-carved limestone figure of a boy playing a flute, nineteenth century British with an outstanding garden patina.  

A nineteenth century cast iron whippet from the estate of Cole Porter.  

 A superb pair of hand-hammered gates (one half shown) from the renown Rose Iron Works ca 1920. 

 A rare nineteenth century French white terracotta garden urn on a plinth featuring some lovely ladies.  

A complete set of cast iron bench and two side chairs in the laurel pattern powder coated in black ca 1920. 
And more....

Vintage Persian Rugs by Jubin Tavakol

Jubin Tavakol has been bringing Vintage Persian Rugs to the Antique & Design Center of High Point, since our first show in the Fall of 2010. 
He is an expert that can help you understand the nuances of this ancient art and help you choose the perfect pieces for your clients.

"Vintage Persian Rugs by Jubin Tavakol"  is a designer's treasure and a resource for collectors in the know.

Market Square Ground
Antique & Design Center
Space # 60


Thursday, March 26, 2015

Antique & Design Center Instagram Contest - Win $1000!

Instagram Contest!!! - Your chance to win $1000. to spend at the Antique & Design Center of High Point this Spring is as easy as 1...2...3...
  1. Follow Us on Instagram!
  2. Visit us this Spring at High Point Market.
  3. Post photos of your favorite finds at The Antique & Design Center on Instagram and be sure to tag @AntiqueDesignCt and use the Hashtags #HPMkt and #HPADC. 
You have until Tuesday, April 21st at 5pm to tag and share your photos and we'll announce the lucky winner during Happy Hour!  You'll receive $1000. credit to spend with the exhibitor of your choice; and we have 70 of them, that have each been saving up the most fabulous one-of-a-kind merchandise to bring to you at High Point Market!

Looking forward to seeing you!  Don't forget we open early at 9am on Thursday, April 16th!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Connect, Learn & Celebrate at The Antique & Design Center of High Point this Spring

The Antique & Design Center of High Point Market will once again offer you many opportunities to CONNECT with peers, LEARN from some of the worlds most respected designers, architects, antiques dealers and educators, and CELEBRATE great design!

“The People Who Built High Point and its Furniture”
Ken Carpenter, Home Furnishings Industry Veteran and Author
  • High Point Market recently celebrated it's 105th birthday! Learn how it began and ultimately became the world’s largest trade show for residential home furnishings from Industry veteran, Ken Carpenter, who's written a book on High Point’s deep furniture roots and the early leaders who helped the community become North Carolina’s top international business ambassador. Book signing to follow.
  • Historic Market Square - Mezzanine Level
  • Antique & Design Center
  • Friday April 17th
  • 9:30-10:15am

“Gallery Hopping in High Point at The Antique & Design Center”
Justin Shaulis, Justin Shaulis Inc
  • Renowned NYC architect and interior designer Justin Shaulis will discuss his thoughts on the importance of great art in interior design and share some secret sources for fabulous original works at the Antique & Design Center of High Point.
  • Historic Market Square - Ground Level 
  • Antique & Design Center- Main Entrance From Salon
  • Saturday April 18, 2015
  • 1:30pm- 2:15pm


 “The Antiques Diva Happy Hour Tour of the Antiques & Design Center"
Toma Clark Haines, The Antiques Diva

  • Toma Clark Haines, owner of Europe's largest antiques touring and buying service company, takes you on a tour of the major antique periods and styles to identify their key characteristics utilizing modern day metaphors and featuring inventory found at the Antique and Design Center in High Point. No passport required. Focusing on the antique trends in Europe- The Antiques Diva(R) is taking antiques out of the past and bringing them into the future of design. 
  • Historic Market Square - Ground Level 
  • Antique & Design Center - Main entrance from Salon 
  • Saturday April 18, 2015 
  • 4-4:45pm


“The Art of Display"
 Gary Inman, GlavĂ© & Holmes Architecture”

  • Collecting can be a wonderful way to express one’s own story and a home should always embody the lives and stories of the family that lives there. Gary Inman will share tools for helping clients become interested in collecting, helping them strategize about the different types and depths of collections, and teaching them how to creatively display the pieces they collect. 
  • Historic Market Square - Ground Level 
  • Antique & Design Center - Main Entrance from Salon 
  • Sunday, April 19, 2015 
  • 1:30-2:15


"Be Moved" at The Antique & Design Center” 
Design Life Network

  • Alan Tanksley, Barry Dixon & Gary Inman Share Current Inspirations: What Moves Me NOW!  Grab a glass of wine and experience the live filming of three of the world's top interior designers as they share what is inspiring them now with host Vera Djonovic and filmed by the Design Life Network.
  • Historic Market Square - Ground Level  
  • Antique & Design Center - Nancy Price Home - Space 35 
  • Sunday, April 19, 2015 
  • 4pm – 5pm


"When New is Not Enough... Creating Projects with Soul & Character using Antiques & Vintage." 
Stephanie Jarvis, Stephanie Jarvis, Inc. 

  • Excelling in an eclectic array of aesthetics, designer Stephanie Jarvis is well known for infusing classic styles with a youthful, modern sensibility. She travels extensively to bring exciting and unique finds to each of her projects. Her design firm is committed to fashioning bespoke spaces using a fresh combination of new, antique and vintage. Come join in for tips on how to create that soulful mix in your own projects. Learn about which objects are always classic staples as well as how to find that perfect unexpected antique that really makes a room. Make your business stand apart by learning to harness the unique potential of antiques and vintage. Keep an eye out for some of these inspiring items tagged by Stephanie in the dealer booths of the Antique & Design Center. 
  • Historic Market Square - Ground Level 
  • Antique & Design Center - Main Entrance from Salon
  • Monday, April 20, 2015 
  • 9:30-10:15

“Bringing Mid-Century Modern Home”
 Candace & Michael DeLoach of DELOACH

  • Talented brother/sister design team, Michael & Candace DeLoach are not only brilliant interior designers but also a favorite resource for Mid-Century Modern furniture, lighting and art for many top NYC Interior Designers. Join them for mimosas in their showroom, DELOACH, as they discuss incorporating Mid-Century Modern and Vintage pieces to create stunning interiors. 
  • Historic Market Square - Ground Level 
  • Antique & Design Center – DELOACH Space 55 
  • Monday, April 20, 2015 
  • 1:30-2:15


“From Obscurity to Notoriety - How an unknown painting becomes a household name.” Heather Karlie Vieira, 20th Century by HKFA

  • Heather Karlie Vieira of 20th Century by HKFA, knows her stuff when if comes to finding amazing vintage furniture, art and accessories and is a favorite “not-so-secret” source for her #HPMkt designer clients. Join as she discusses researching paintings she’s found, that were highlights of The Holiday House NYC and a national advertising campaign. Learn how the back-story of original art can bring history and depth to your projects. 
  • Historic Market Square - Ground Level 
  • Antique & Design Center – 20th Century by HKFA - Space 34 
  • Monday, April 20, 2015 
  • 4pm-4:45


“Antique Picking on the Edge of Tibet: Found Objects in Modern Design”
Chad Newman, Circa Loft

  • The growing trend of incorporating global designs and patterns into modern settings shows no sign of slowing down. Chad Newman, the founder and CEO of Circa Loft, has lived on the edge of the Tibetan plateau in Qinghai Province for almost twenty years, and is an expert on Qinghai/Gansu country antiques. Every antique has a story. Some, more interesting than others. Chad will tell some of the stories of the unique pieces he’s curated from remote farmhouses and villages, and how they can be incorporated in various settings, from urban lofts to mountain chalets. 
  • Market Square - Ground Level 
  • Antique & Design Center – Circa Loft - Space 27 
  • Tuesday, April 21, 2015 
  • 1:30pm-2:15pm


 "Wine and Antiques: Aged to Perfection or...?"
David Lindquist, Whitehall Antiques

  • David Lindquist of Whitehall Antiques teaches you how to use your senses to authenticate antique furniture. Learn the art of drinking a glass of wine while impressing your clients with your knowledge of discovering restorations and outright fakery. Use your fingers, your eyes and your nose to explore an array of fascinating pieces while joining us for a drink. 
  • Historic Market Square – Ground Level 
  • Antique & Design Center – Whitehall Antiques - Space 54 
  • Tuesday, April 21, 2015 
  • 4pm-4:45